The leading supplier of value-added, glazing-focused, interior and exterior products and services.


Oldcastle’s team of experts help architects, glaziers, contractors and owners solve design challenges and bring projects to life. They design, engineer, test and manufacture solutions in engineered curtain wall, storefronts and entrances, architectural glass, shower enclosures, glazing hardware, windows, railings and more.

Oldcastle offers the most comprehensive collection of glazing-focused interior and exterior products and services in the industry. From storefronts and frameless shower doors to leading-edge research hospitals and airports — they handle it all.


We offer a full range of standard curtain wall products, including industry leading thermal products like our Reliance™ HTC, which meets the most stringent thermal performance demands. Add hurricane and blast-resistant models to our product profile and you have the most comprehensive curtain wall offering available anywhere.

Design, engineering and manufacture of both custom and standard architectural and heavy commercial windows. Our ability to translate the most complex window designs by leveraging our unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities is unequaled.

Our pre-engineered Versalite™ skylight is shipped completely assembled, pre-glazed and ready to install. The framing system is fully guttered, and the perimeter framing is thermally broken to provide maximum energy performance and reduce condensation.

Exclusive designs and technological advancements, like our exclusive energy and performance calculations, visualization and full-scale mock- ups, set the industry standard. Many of the nation’s finest hotels, luxury high-rises and numerous landmark properties feature our window walls.

Design, engineering and manufacture of fully integrated all-glass and aluminum storefronts, both thermal and non-thermal. From Tampa to Tahoe, our custom-engineered storefronts make a great first impression with some of America’s most sophisticated entrances.

Design, engineering and manufacture of fully integrated all-glass and aluminum entrance doors, including swinging, terrace entrances, and mall sliders.

Offering tremendous flexibility in both aesthetic and functional design, our Solar Eclipse™ provides beautiful building accents and passive solar control. The Solar Shelf system is field installed on to the interior of the curtain wall to deflect daylight deeper into the building, reducing the demand for artificial lighting and energy costs. Both sun controls systems can be integrated to achieve the maximum energy savings and occupant comfort.