Keith Panel Systems is dedicated to the development, fabrication, and installation of high performance architectural facades. 


Keith Panel Systems is an architectural rain-screen panel manufacturer. Founded in Vancouver BC in 1986, they’ve been considered a market leader for over 35 years. Their proprietary KPS System A revolutionized exterior wall construction. It is an advanced exterior metal panel system technology that set an unprecedented standard for rainscreen performance – a standard that is now demanded by many of the industry’s governing institutions and consultants. With a “customer first” business model and a custom approach on every project, KPS continues to be the industry leader in rain-screen facades.  


KPS System A is our most widely used pressure equalized Rainscreen system. It possesses all of the performance features of our KPS System A-Plus, but with enhanced cost efficiency provided by the modified perimeter frame.

First developed in the early 1980s and continually improved for over 25 years, KPS System A-Plus is our original panel system.

MODUS is the latest offering from KPS.  It is specifically designed and engineered to be cost effective, fully noncombustible, and meet high-level industry demanded testing criteria such as the AAMA 508 Test Method & Specification for Pressure Equalized Rainscreen Wall Cladding Systems.

The unique design of this system offers a ‘floating-edge’ detail at the perimeter of the panels.  System A-Edge is able to support 3mm aluminum, 1/8″ stainless steel, or 4mm aluminum composite material (ACM) as the surface material.

This innovative panel installation method was first developed exclusively for the Ombrae™ Imaging Technology. It allows for an effective, quick, low-cost approach to hanging open-air architectural screens for parking garages, mechanical enclosures, and more. The system can also be used for decorative perforated screening that is mounted over fully functioning rainscreen walls.

Pairing perfectly with fiber-cement panels or phenolic laminates, our Surface Mount System protects the building with drained and back-ventilated rainscreen technology. Fasteners are low profile and colour matched to the surface product. 

Our Hidden Mount System is an innovative approach to installing phenolic laminate panels and modular stone panel surfaces with no exposed fasteners. This open-joint system protects the rainscreen cavity insulation with custom metal joint closures, or UV- and water-resistant membranes. 

The robust wall thickness of the aluminum delivers an exceptionally flat surface without oil-canning.  It is suitable for Rainscreen wall application, but it has been particularly desirable for soffit applications — especially where a woodgrain finish is desired. 

The KPS ThermaSmart Clip provides intermittent structural attachment for the installation of exterior insulated Rainscreen wall assemblies. Its use greatly improves the thermal performance of the building envelope. 

Combining the aesthetics of glass with the advanced engineering of our rainscreen technology, RS Glass is a proprietary system developed to satisfy the desire for a high R-value, ventilated glass wall panel system. 

We source terra cotta wall tiles from only the most reputable producers in the world. Extruded terra cotta profiles are married with advanced, back-ventilated rainscreen attachment systems.

We design our systems to integrate an array of extruded aluminum profiles, developing solutions to your needs for architectural grilles, louvres and sunshades. Our systems are engineered to be robust and versatile.